Why Choose Temperature Controlled Storage?

Why Choose Temperature Controlled Storage?

Considering temperature controlled storage? Now is the time to get your summer storage in Kearny NJ in order. Good thing Drive-Up Storage is gathering tips you need to know the next time you want to store. The next few months are full of vacations and family trips, but if you are contently thinking about the business it can be draining. We are here to help with the needed space.

Temperature Controlled Storage Kearny NJ

Our Kearny NJ storage units help seasonal jobs like landscapers as well as big businesses find the best storage solution. Around this time of year we recommend temperature controlled storage for both. The degree stays the same regardless of what is taking place outside. The industry seeing the most growth this season is real estate. Warmer weather invites thoughts of selling the house and moving. The first step is to start packing. Take a few weeks before listing the property to start packing. This will make some much needed open space as well as get you ahead of the game.

Even though cleaning is a key to staging it is not the only way to amaze your clients. Start staging with advice from someone who does it for a living. Stagers use storage as a rotating library of props for future houses on the market. They can give you unbiased advice to make your home stand out.

Self storage benefits these industries

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Contractors
  • Small Businesses


Moving is one of the more stressful things you will take on in life and Drive-Up Storage is here to make it a little easier. Choose temperature controlled storage for your business and home to keep everything looking like the first day it went into storage.

Take the next step and rent online or give us a call. With a few clicks you can be organized at work and ready to build your business.

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