Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Mementos

Top 3 Tips for Storing Sports Mementos

Are you an avid collector of all things sports? Store your treasures with seasonal storage at Drive-Up Storage. You have worked hard to find those one of a kind treasures and a storage unit is a perfect way to protect them when not on display. We will show you how to protect your most treasured items and give you the best tips for organizing other sporting equipment.

Kearny NJ seasonal storage

Make it sparkle

If you are storing some mementos from a winning game or your game day jersey, make sure everything is spotless. Removing dirt and dust will help your items stay fresh for when it is time to go on display. Storing dirty pads or mats can spread an odor throughout your other stored items. It is best to wash everything used in past games before putting away for an extended time.

Sports gear storage solutions

Does your family enjoy all sports? If so, you know the equipment can be a lot to store and organize. With a small storage unit you can swap equipment you do not need until that time of year comes around. This will make the current sporting adventures easier since you can find the tools you need.

Add the most security

You have worked hard to build your collection so adding the most protection is number one. Our temperature controlled units give you the added care you desire. Not only is our self storage facility all indoors but all our units are temperature controlled.

We want to help you take care of the collection you have worked so hard to build. Our seasonal storage units are perfect for your treasures and equipment you do not need all year round. When it comes to storing your most prize possessions the experts at Drive-Up Storage have the solutions to make it simple.

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