Summer Storage Ideas for College Students

Summer Storage Ideas for College Students

Storing for only the summer months can help come fall if you are a college student moving out of the dorm. Summer goes by quickly and before you know it it will be time to pack the car up and head back to campus. If only there was a summer storage option, at Drive-Up Storage there is! We feature Kearny NJ college storage ideas that will make the start of summer simple.

Pack away your bedding, school supplies, even your extra mattress and box spring at Drive-Up Storage. Our interior temperature controlled storage units provide a safe space to store your belongings over summer. You do not have to worry about the heat when storing in our temperature controlled storage units because we keep a close eye to ensure it is consistent. See how else storing with Drive-Up Storage can make a difference.

College Storage Tips

  1. Start packing your gear now! Summer storage goes fast and now is a great time to give our on site store manager a call to set up summer storage.
  2. Your mini fridge needs to come to room temperature before storing it. Put a towel underneath the door and allow all the water to drain. It is also a good idea to leave the fridge door open so mold and mildew do not grow.
  3. Forgot your lock or need to purchase one? Our storage office is stocked with moving supplies to make your move fast and easy.
  4. Not sure what size storage unit you need? Determine if you are storing with a friend or alone, then use our storage calculator to determine the right size storage unit.
  5. Storing bedding, like blankets and sheets can be easily stowed away in plastic bags. If you prefer a box for safe keeping, use a large or extra large size.

If Drive-Up Storage is close to campus, stop by on your way home to leave your dorm supplies with us over summer, that way everything is close to school for the fall semester. Our self storage units can be your Kearny NJ college storage solution, just give us a call!

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