Staging for a successful sale with our self storage options

Staging for a successful sale with our self storage options

Once warmer weather arrives many may be thinking a move is in their future. Now is a great time to prep. Staging on a budget is not just done by the professionals, you can do it to with the help of Drive-Up Storage. Our self storage options present an easy answer when moving. While you search for the next home let us help you get the current home ready for a new owner.

Kearny NJ self storage options

Create space

  • Move bookshelves, tray tables, or other nonessential items to storage.
  • Leave the basics, a couch, coffee table, chair, etc. are all keepers. As for the rest pack away for safe keeping.
  • Clear closets of seasonal gear. Do not forget the attic and basement as well.
  • Pay special attention to the kitchen. Clear cabinets and appliances from the counter.

A touch of color

  • A pop of color goes a long way. You do not want to distract a buyer with flashy colors so keep the bright accessories small.
  • Flowers offer a little excitement and bring an inviting feeling. Also consider plants to liven up a space.
  • Organize the bathroom so everything matches a theme. Be a little more adventurous with patterns or designs.

The great outdoors

  • Shrubs and flowers are very inviting and will welcome your guests.
  • Give trees a good trimming in early spring to avoid any branches hanging over the house or parking area.
  • During the winter, shovel snow out of the way and keep ice from forming.
  • Decorations outdoors should be mostly kept in storage, with a few to brighten the season.

These simple staging tips make it easy to show the best attributes your house has. With self storage options from Drive-Up Storage buying and selling has never been so easy. Get ready for the move with our on site packing supplies and expert advice.

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