Self Storage Tips for the Upcoming Season

Self Storage Tips for the Upcoming Season

Drive-Up Storage offers storage units in Kearny NJ for businesses and families. Once summer is over and the forecast calls for cooler days, self storage may be the answer to organizing your items. Our professionals have self storage tips for businesses, as well as homeowners for every season. Get started now so you can enjoy your organized space this winter.

Self Storage Tips Kearny NJ

Patio Furniture Storing

  1. Wood should be cleaned and repainted before storage.
  2. Metal furniture pieces sometimes have rust that can spread and damage the structure. Stop this before it gets to far by sanding down the areas and spraying with paint.
  3. Do not forget the cushions! Spot clean or take them to the laundromat to make them look like new. After a few cookouts a few stains may show up, use vinegar to spot clean through out the rest of the season.

What moving supplies do you need for storage?

  1. After all your hard work cleaning furniture, get a dust cover to keep dirt off while in storage.
  2. DampRid or similar products are useful to keep mildew out of your unit.
  3. Need more packing boxes or tape? Our office is stocked with all the moving supplies you need.

How to store a boat or kayak?

  1. Fiberglass boats retain a lot of moisture, if you have one of these boats, leave the cover off and place DampRid around the boat.
  2. Do a little maintenance before storing a kayak. Look for scuffs and fix broken pieces so the boat is water ready next season.

Drive-Up Storage can be your Kearny NJ storage solution this coming fall. We have self storage tips and supplies to store your gear successfully. Our Kearny NJ facility is a drive thru facility, which makes it easy to unload your items. Take a tour with a professional today!

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