Where to recycle in Kearny, NJ

Where to recycle in Kearny, NJ

The cooler weather is approaching fast. Get your gear ready with Drive-Up Storage space and tips for the best places to recycle in Kearny, NJ. Donating your unused items is a great way to save space for the winter. Organize around the house, office and storage unit with our guide.

recycle Kearny NJ

When the new school year starts now is the perfect time to go through items you are moving to storage and belongings coming out. Look for broken or unused gear that should go to recycling or a family in need. While you are sorting through make sections for donation, discard, and keep. You will be ready for all the fall festivities while we protect your valuables.

Those bad winter storms can knock out power for a little while. To prepare, make sure you have working batteries in all your smoke detectors and extra on hand for flash lights. While you check them if they need replaced, recycle the expired ones with your waste management provider. Call first to see the specific materials accepted.

Did you recently upgrade your furniture? Do not leave them out on the curb for your trash pick up service. Call the closest Habitat for Humanity to choose a pick up time that works for you. They will use this furniture to help those around our community.

If you are an avid reader and the summer reading list was a success this year, consider donating your lightly used material to a library or school. Many teachers are looking to grow their classroom libraries to better assist their students.

Enjoy all fall has to offer with the help of our experts at Drive-Up Storage in Kearny, NJ. We can protect all the belongings you want to store until next year while giving you guidance to keep your space efficient. Stop in to talk with us today.

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