Packing tips to prepare for successful storage

Ready to start enjoying the sunshine and outdoors? Spring is coming fast, so Drive-Up Storage wants to help you get prepared. Our storage packing tips will walk you through how to pack every room for long term storage. Grab the rake and yard equipment you put into storage last year, and put away the snow boots, because with our assistance you can enjoy the first signs of spring.

We got you and your house ready for winter when the thermometer started to drop, but now we are gearing up for the summer time fun. One way to make the transition easy is creating some open space around the house. Winter makes us stay indoors most days and the house can get a little unorganized, but with our storage units in Kearny NJ you have what you need.

Kearny NJ storage packing tips

  • Pack your boxes with the perfect amount. Do not leave to much room at the top or load up the small boxes.
  • You will need a mixture of supplys, everything from tape and labels to small and specially boxes.
  • Make a plan for packing, you do not have to pack everything all in one day.
  • Walk through your house room by room determining if everything is important for the flow of your space. Take away anything not working for the area.
  • Pack up one room at time as to not mix materials from another room in the same box.
  • Plastic containers are sturdy and helpful for stacking at the unit, but avoid plastic bags. They trap moisture inside, which will damage your belongings.
  • A trick to remember when loading the truck, put items you will not need often at the door, so they are first into the unit.

The key to storing with no stress is organization and preparation. With Drive-Up Storage packing tips the steps will show you exactly what to remember.

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