Local Storage Helps With The Back To School Season

Local Storage Helps With The Back To School Season

Back to school means back to having a constantly busy schedule. How can our local storage in Kearny NJ help you get ready for your children’s upcoming school year? Having just a little extra storage space, your seasonal gear can be protected and secure while allowing yourself to have more room around your home. Our tips for your home will get you and your kids ready for the new school year, so check out some of the ways our local self storage units can benefit you!

New Organization For Your Home

With school starting, that means coordinating the whole family’s schedule, along with planning meals for the week. Here are a few useful tips to get organized quickly for the back to school season.

  1. Make pre-made kits and leave them in your car. Tech needs (spare chargers and batteries) in Kit 1. First aid necessities in Kit 2. Homework aids (calculator, pencils, pens, glue stick, scissors, crayons) in Kit 3.
  2. Create a command center in your home. Hang a dry erase board for to-do lists, hooks for keys, hanging files (one slot for each family member, bills and mail) and a calendar.
  3. Store your children’s backpacks and shoes in a cubby or designated cabinet. This will cause less cluttering around your home.
  4. Create a fun homework station where the kids can concentrate. Using a tri-fold that you can design however you like, or a pop down table in their bedroom. Both options are space-saving and very convenient.
  5. Plan out your meals for the upcoming week on Sunday, and even start prepping meals in advance.

Find out more tips to help you organize around your home.

Local Storage Kearny NJ

Storing Your Outdoor Equipment

  1. Allow all your tents and sleeping bags to air out after your last adventure before storing these items.
  2. Place all your camping gear in clear containers, then label all the contents found inside.
  3. For all your gas-powered lawn care items, fill the gas tank, change the oil and completely fill all the tires with air.
  4. Before you put your bikes away you will need to clean all the dirt and debris off, lube the chains and cables, and put air into the tires.
  5. Take advantage of the large storage units our facility has. Use them to store your kayaks and canoes in. This will protect them from extreme weather.

Drive-Up Storage is the local storage option for you and your family with school being back in session. Our indoor storage units can be the answer to any of your seasonal storage. Although the fun-filled summer months are over, move your seasonal belongings to local storage in Kearny NJ with who you trust at Drive-Up Storage.

Rent or reserve the seasonal storage unit you need online or come on by our facility to talk to a store manager!

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