How do you know which storage unit you need?

You have worked hard to keep everything organized during your move. Don’t get stuck with the wrong size storage unit, let Drive-Up Storage guide you. We are narrowing down each unit and what fits inside.

Storage Kearny NJ

Temperature Controlled

Are you helping your parents downsize? When mom and dad can no longer hold your childhood memories, consider the storage unit options. With temperature controlled storage units you can rest easy knowing everything is taken care of.

5×5: Small Closet

Storing your outdoor equipment and seasonal gear could be troublesome if space is limited. Gardening tools, shovels, brooms and small boxes will fit perfectly in this small storage locker.


10×10: 1 Room Max

Moving back from college? Instead of unpacking everything just in time to pack it back up for the fall semester keep the whole room in a storage unit. There is enough space to keep the mattress, any large furniture like bed frames, vanities and of course room for all the boxes.

10×25: Garage SizeĀ 

Instead of stacking all the holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, and winter equipment in the garage use our space at Drive-Up Storage. You have the optimal space for all the boxes and winter equipment.


15×35: Our Largest Unit

This space will benefit your home and your business. You can keep everything you need in one convenient location. Stack many large boxes, along with your big furniture like the washer, dryer, and couches.


We want to help you keep your space organized! With our assistance your home and business will have the perfect storage unit for any situation.

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