Extra Belongings? Tips for Selling Online

Extra Belongings? Tips for Selling Online

Space saving tips, spring cleaning hacks, extra space to store your gear can all be found at Drive-Up Storage. Spring cleaning means cleaning out the house, closets, and maybe even tidying up your storage unit. If you come across gear you are not using or you would like to get rid of it, consider the possibility of selling online.

Our Kearny NJ self storage can be an inventory closet for businesses, a home for personal items while planning a move, and a safe place to store online merchandise. From large storage units to small 5×5 storage units, we have many storage options. With our month to month leasing, you can choose how long you store with us.

Start spring with self storage this year. Talk with our store manager today!

Selling Online Kearny NJ

Where to Sell Online?

Which website is best for your product? Each selling website has a categories that fit what you want to sell, but there may be one better suited then the other.

Facebook Marketplace has home goods that can be helpful for new homeowners or college students furnishing their new apartment.

Etsy has a lot of a benefits for business and crafters. You can find your crowd to sell your unique item to on Etsy.

Ebay is most known for hobbyist and collectors. You can find a collector or the next item in your collection.

Tips for Selling Online

  1. Photos and descriptions will be the first thing customers look at. Make sure they are clear and have all the details for your items.
  2. If something is broken or needs replaced in order for it to work, make it known to your customer.
  3. Name brand shoes and purses can be a faster sale, add pictures of the tag on shoes or inside the purse, to show authenticity.
  4. Willing to move the price down? If you are willing, many websites have that as an option to include.

Sell online with the help of our Kearny NJ storage space and make this spring a success.

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