Benefits of Our Moving Supplies

Benefits of Our Moving Supplies

Drive-Up Storage has indoor storage and drive up storage units to better serve our customers needs, but did you know we also have moving supplies? Locks, boxes, and more are all offered in our storage office for your convenience. Along with a storage unit, you can store your belongings with ease at Drive-Up Storage. Our storage professionals can answer your questions about how to store fragile items and what tools you need for successful storage.

Choose a Secure Lock

The locks ready for purchase in our office provide a convenient and secure option to lock up your storage unit. We have recorded cameras and on site store managers to keep an eye on your valuables, but a lock is your self assurance for your storage unit. Since the mechanism in the lock is not as visible as other locks, damage is less likely. With a convenient solution for purchase as well as top of the line security, moving supplies and storage from Drive-Up Storage go hand in hand.

October’s Promotion

During October Drive-Up Storage is fighting for a cure with for breast cancer awareness month. For every box sold, lock purchase, and moving supply bought, we will allocate funds to give back. The Susan G Komen foundation helps grow awareness and gives support for families dealing with a recent diagnosis.

With this promotion in mind, Drive-Up Storage also offers other tools such as, moving boxes, furniture covers, tape, etc. When you run out of tools to pack your belongings, our Kearny NJ storage office is your one stop shop. Get started storing here with the help of our storage calculator and online storage rentals.

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